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Dust Up

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Dust Up takes viewers on a wild ride to Nipawin, Saskatchewan in Canada, to meet three maverick pilots: 73-year-old Bud Jardine, his rebellious son Brennan Jardine, and ambitious newbie Travis Karle - all of which are chasing their dreams ‘crop dusting' at 150 mph, just five-feet off the ground! Not your typical pilots, they each have their own crop dusting operation, and are competitive, ego driven daredevils who choose 'flying tractors' over jets. These crop-gun pilots buzz inches above the fields - dodging trees and telephone wires - to deliver their payloads while entertaining roadside audiences with their death-defying feats. With high stakes drama on the ground and peril in the air, ‘Dust Up' features compelling stories about family feuds, resourcefulness and survival in the rural heartland.