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Rodeo: Life on the Circuit

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Saddle up and prepare to ride into the perilous and extremely competitive world of Canadian professional rodeo as Discovery HD Showcase introduces brand new series, ‘Rodeo: Life on the Circuit'. Follow 14 professional cowboys and cowgirls as they embark on a gruelling eight month tour of over 60 rodeos in the hope of proving their prowess and achieving the opportunity to attend the Canadian Finals Rodeo. Ranking as one of the most dangerous sports in North America, competition can be deadly. Everything they've worked for comes down to a matter of seconds that can decide their fate. Failure means shattered dreams, no cash in the bank, broken bones, and sometimes even death. But winning could see them walking away with over $1 million in prize money and the glory of becoming one of the greatest cowboys or cowgirls in Canada. With unprecedented access to the inner sanctum of the professional rodeo circuit, this extraordinary series explores personalities, danger and rivalry, whilst showcasing the courage, athletic skill, and perseverance of these competitors.