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Bismarck - Chancellor And Demon

In 1871, after the Battle of Sedan and the foundation of the German Reich, Prince Otto von Bismarck was appointed the first Chancellor of the Reich. He proved to be a master of the tactical power game; and deftly established, both in terms of domestic and foreign policies, a system of alliances and pacts to stabilise the balance of power in Europe and secure the borders of the infant German Reich. The ‘Iron Chancellor' as he was known, held office until 1890. Explore the story behind this man, as elaborate reconstructions also present another side to Otto von Bismarck; the one who stood out as a law student more for his cockiness and carousing than for his academic performances. And who, heavily in debt, had to return to his parents' estate in Pommern without completing his legal clerkship. It was only through the excellent political contacts of his wife that Bismarck managed to enter the Prussian legislature, Berliner Landtag, as an alternate. In his later years he had a voracious appetite for food and alcohol, and after his retirement, withdrew to his country estate near Hamburg, where he wrote his (best-selling) memoirs, before dying from pneumonia on July 30, 1898.