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As Close As Brothers

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‘As Close As Brothers' tells the story of Andrew Mynarski, a Lancaster mid-upper gunner, who risked his life to save his friend. After their plane was hit during a bombing raid on 12th June 1944, the crew were bailing out when Mynarski realised that fellow gunner Pat Brophy, was stuck at his post and unable to escape. Ignoring the danger to himself, Mynarski crawled through burning hydraulic fluid to help him. With his flight suit and parachute ablaze, he desperately tried to release the doors to Brophy's back turret to allow him to escape, but there was nothing he could do. Fighting his way back through the flames, he paused to give his friend one last salute before he jumped from the bomber. Through a weird trick of fate, Brophy survived the crash, while Mynarski died of his burns. Brophy made it back to England and told the story of his friend's heroic last act. Featuring eyewitness testimony with dramatic reconstructions, this compelling documentary reveals the exceptional bravery and friendship for which Andrew Mynarski was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross.