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Heroes of World War II

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With access to over 500,000 hours of rare archive film, together with state-of-the-art computer graphics, ‘Heroes of World War II' examines how the contributions of a handful of individuals had a far-reaching impact on the course of the war. In 1939, Adolf Hitler invaded Poland. Within two years the Japanese had joined with the Germans and Italians and the world was embroiled in a conflagration of epic proportions. Ordinary men and women were suddenly thrown into the most challenging situations. Some of them were prepared to put their lives on the line - like the man who tried to blow up Adolf Hitler. From path-finding pilots to scientists, from the officers and journalists who were confronted with Hitler's grossest atrocity at Belsen to the inventors of radar - all these characters and more played a part in hastening the end of the most cataclysmic conflict.