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Hitler's Heroes

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Profiling two of Hitler's most admired and iconic followers, insightful two part series, ‘Hitler's Heroes' examines the lives, careers and controversies of Hanna Reitsch and Otto Skorzeny. A heroine of her time and the only woman to be awarded the Iron Cross First Class, Hanna Reitsch was the Luftwaffe's most daring test pilot and the last to fly out of Berlin before the city's fall. Known as Hitler's "favourite command soldier" by his peers and "the most dangerous man in Europe" by his enemies, Otto Skorzeny received his orders directly from the Fuhrer and is said to have masterminded the global Nazi network ‘Odessa'. How did these infamous figures earn the esteem of one of the most notorious dictators in modern European history? Why do they remain so controversial even to this day? This compelling documentary investigates the stories of these champions of the Third Reich.