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The Kennedys

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Brand new to TLC this October, comes ‘The Kennedys', starring Academy Award nominee Greg Kinnear as JFK, Barry Pepper as Bobby Kennedy, Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy and BAFTA and Golden Globe Award winner Tom Wilkinson as Joseph Kennedy Sr. This eight-part series chronicles the intimate story this iconic family and highlights the epic achievements, private failures, loyalty, love, resentment and betrayal which beset them. ‘ The Kennedys' will explore the story of family loyalty, of lives built on the deaths of siblings, and of sons bending to the will of their dominant father - Joseph P. Kennedy Sr, who was determined that his son Joe Jr. would one day become President of the United States of America. Second son John, was just an afterthought, however after the death of Joe Jr. during WWII, John was pushed into politics by his father but did not possess the political gifts of his older brother and required a constant infusion of drugs for a variety of physical ailments, which was to stay secret from the public. Other matters, including John's infidelity, were also deemed private to ensure the Kennedy's success. Brother, Bobby Kennedy, managed John's campaign, and after his brother's victory, wanted to slip back into private life, but Joe Sr. had other plans which neither of his sons could refuse. Ultimately, Joseph Sr. saw his sons reach the highest levels of power and prestige; but the cost was incalculable. History tells us what this family did, but this captivating series, tells us who they really were.