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KGB Dissident

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“KGB Dissident” discovers the remarkable true story of a KGB officer, Viktor Orekhov, who uniquely and secretly protected the dissidents he was supposed to be repressing.  While the world knows of the KGB spies and agents who crossed over to the West, few know of this tale of secret dissention from within. As a KGB officer, he had the chance to read forbidden literature, and a number of the books he read made him question his role. The once loyal KGB agent decided to fight a secret war against his Soviet masters. Living in exile in the USA, he lives an anonymous life with no identity or telephone, and until now, he has remained silent. For the first time since he left Russia, Viktor agrees to break years of forced silence to leave his mark on history. Illustrated with the unique testimonies of Viktor Orekhov, now 65, archives and accurately re-enacted sequences, this film tells the story of a man who braved an impenetrable system and dared to challenge the KGB.