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The Last Nazis

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‘The Last Nazis' is an absorbing three-part documentary series about surviving war criminals living in the 21st century. It opens with ‘The Hunt for Dr Death' the incredible story of Dr Efraim Zuroff's international manhunt for one of the world's most wanted Nazi war criminals, Aribert Heim. Dr Heim was responsible for the horrific murder of hundreds of inmates at the Mauthausen Concentration Camp but evaded capture for 60 years. In the second episode ‘Most Wanted', two young filmmakers gain access to some of the most wanted Nazi war criminals still alive in an attempt to document their stories before they die. Finally, in ‘Children of the Master Race', the series investigates Lebensborn, the Nazis' secret breeding programme, and learns how the surviving children have lived their lives in the knowledge that they were bred to rule the world.