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The Long March to Freedom

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For the thousands of British, American and Commonwealth soldiers held as prisoners of war (POW) during World War II, liberation was a dream that seemed like it would never come true. Many would fall by the wayside as the harsh weather, lack of food and cruel treatment by their German guards took its toll. The Long March to Freedom details the atrocities these brave men lived through. The traumatic first-hand accounts of the veterans tell the true reality of life as a POW on the march. The men, many now in their 90s, talk of how they lived in constant fear of being shot for falling behind. Food was hard to come by and they ate anything they could get their hands on, including pig and dog food. One veteran even sold his Rolex for a carrot. Many didn't make it to the end of the march and liberation, but for those that did it would become a time that would haunt them for the rest of their lives.