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Most Secret Place On Earth

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The Vietnam War was the most televised war ever. However, in neighbouring Laos, the longest and largest air war in history was underway. The Secret War was the largest operation ever conducted by the CIA, yet hardly anyone knows anything about it. During the Secret War, 2.1 million tons of bombs fell onto this South East Asian nation, more than on Europe and the Pacific theatre combined during World War II. Former CIA agents, pilots, fighters and journalists take us on a journey into the heart of the conflict: Top secret Long Cheng. Long Cheng was an almost uninhabited valley in central Laos, where the CIA had its headquarters. Yet, the area was never marked on any official map. Interviews combined with unseen footage from the war tell a story that has not been documented in history books. As we journey into Long Cheng for the first time after the end of the war, the film tells the gripping story of the operation and illustrates its relevance to current conflicts.