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Nuclear Sharks

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‘Nuclear Sharks' explores the silent, stealthy symbol of the Cold War. A war waged outside public view. A war about strategy and world domination. A war of technological advancement, with lethal consequences. By the early 1950's, the United States and the Soviet Union are entrenched in a harrowing conflict many fear will bring an end to humanity. This gripping series reveals the stories of submarines sunk to the bottom, their nuclear power plants in meltdown. ‘Nuclear Sharks' is a chronicle of chilling adventures which, as Cold War secrets are revealed, can only now be told. ‘Nuclear Sharks' takes us into the post-Communist Kremlin, where men who once helped define the nuclear submarine conflict can now freely speak about the Soviet strategy. In Washington, the Navy confesses the crucial importance of the nuclear submarine in the effort to puncture the Iron Curtain.