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Ottomans vs Christians

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In exciting adventure series ‘Ottomans Vs. Christians' presenter Julian Davison travels to some of the most extraordinary destinations in the Mediterranean to explore its rich history. The Mediterranean Sea may be a beautiful tourist destination today but in the 16th century it was the central arena for an almighty power struggle between Christian Europe and the formidable Muslim Ottoman Empire. It was a conflict not just for power and wealth but for cultural and religious supremacy that lasted nearly three centuries and its outcome resonates to this day. Join Julian as he journeys back in time to uncover a world of magnificent galleys laden with riches and merciless pirates who prowl the seas, of spectacular battles and bloodied acts of treachery and revenge. With the help of esteemed historians, re-enactment groups and actors portraying some of the periods most remarkable figures, relive the most dramatic and pivotal moments of this legendary clash of civilizations and uncover its rich and potent legacy.