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Project 949 A Nuclear Submarine Odyssey

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‘Project 949: A Nuclear Submarine Odyssey’, explores the secret history of the development of a new class of Soviet submarines. During the Cold War, The Soviet Navy had to face the challenge of NATO's powerful maritime fleet. To compensate for being far behind the western alliance, the Soviets discreetly launched Project 949, a top secret program for the construction of a new generation of missile carrying submarines. Fourteen submarines were built, and the last creation became a celebrated tragedy in the eyes of the whole world: the ill-fated Kursk. On 12th August, 2000, it sank into the silent universe with its 118 man crew. Thanks to previously unpublished and spectacular archives, the film traces the secret history of Project 949, and the odyssey of its finest ship. With an illuminating interview from a rare surviving crew member of the Kursk, Vasily Bykov, who left the submarine two weeks before the tragedy by chance to continue his military studies.