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American Greed S5

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From ingenious art heists to ruthless con artists, ‘American Greed' takes an in-depth look at some of the most sensational and profitable crimes of our time. Investigating the intricacies of many high profile cases, this fascinating and shocking series explores the lengths people will go to for money and a life of luxury. Discover how entrepreneur and con-artist Barry Hunt masterminded a Ponzi scheme that successfully separated many investors from their savings. Find out how fine art thieves managed to snatch $4 million worth of museum quality painting from storage. Uncover the $500 million pyramid scheme that victimized scores of devout churchgoers, and follow the exposure of the popular doctor who made millions playing the system. He may be a fraud, but is he a murderer, too? See how these criminals got their start, defrauded innocents out of billions, and ultimately exchanged their suits and ties for prison jumpsuits.