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Against the Tide

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This brand new six-part series follows a group of ordinary people from all over the world as they take on an extraordinary challenge; sailing around the World in an epic ten-month journey.  From all walks of life, many of the participants in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race have never set foot on a yacht before, let alone sailed across oceans but they will have to learn quickly how to cope with the high seas and with each other if they are to finish in one piece.

In the course of their epic ten-month journey these rookies will have to deal with the immense power of the sea and take on everything Mother Nature could throw at them.  Capturing every twist, turn and emotion, Against the Tide joins the crews as they struggle to deal with a man overboard mid Atlantic, boat collisions, dismastings, and their yacht being rolled in the remote North Pacific waters in near-hurricane conditions.  Who will win this epic race and how will this unforgettable experience change their lives?