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Alone Among Grizzlies with Richard Terry

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Alone Among Grizzlies follows British cameraman Richard Terry as he teams up with Swiss biologist David Bittner in the remote Alaskan wilderness to gain an unprecedented insight into David's unique experiences with grizzlies. Just what is it that drives David to spend so much time in such a wild and hazardous environment? Alone Among Grizzlies follows them to one of nature's most epic events, the Alaskan salmon run, where they get within touching distance of some of the biggest bears on earth and David demonstrates how he gains the trust of these dangerous predators. They also seek out, and then camp in, the infamous place where bear fanatic Timothy Treadwell and his girlfriend were tragically mauled to death by wild bears in 2003. Packed with adventure, stunning wildlife footage and moments of genuine jeopardy, Richard will follow some truly grizzly encounters as the two adventurers attempt to survive off the land alongside the mighty coastal brown bears of Kodiak Island.