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Auction Hunters 3

Premieres Thursdays from 3rd May, 10.00pm

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Every day in America thousands of abandoned storage houses are put up for public auction. The auctions have become big business for those who know what they are looking for. Allen Haff and Clinton "Ton" Jones are Auction Hunters who travel the US to buy storage units and they are the best in the business. When the door of the storage unit goes up they have just seconds to determine the value and win the auction. In this third series of Auction Hunters, viewers will not believe the lucrative and often cutthroat world of storage-unit auctions nor the things they find and sell... In the first episode of the series, the guys face tough competition at an auction in Long Beach, California. They uncover an incredible 1970's skateboard with rare, one of a kind, original graphics as well as a set of body armour, including a ballistic mask and bullet proof vest, but how much will these items be worth?