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Churchill and Me with Hugh Dennis

Premieres Friday 15th May, 9pm

Brand new and exclusive to Discovery Channel, CHURCHILL & ME WITH HUGH DENNIS follows the comedian, actor and writer Hugh Dennis, on his journey to discover what Sir Winston Churchill means to people today and explore the legacy he left behind across the globe. Hugh's journey starts with his own recollections of Churchill's funeral, as a young boy watching the flypast from the garden of his father's vicarage, and goes on to describe growing awareness of the influence and personal style of an Englishman who dominated the 20th Century political and cultural landscape like no other. With all of his trademark wit and charm, Hugh will be meeting people and visiting places upon which Churchill left his indelible mark - from historians, to family members, and employees including former Personal Secretary Lady Jane Williams. There will also be famous faces such as Robert Hardy CBE who won a BAFTA for his portrayal as Churchill in Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years. Each gives their personal insight into the incredible man behind the public image.