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Curiosity: Plane Crash

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What happens when a plane crashes? Does bracing really help? Where is the best place to sit? And fundamentally, are planes designed so that passengers can survive? Find out as the world's leading aviation experts deliberately crash a 737 passenger jet into the Mexican desert in fascinating special ‘Curiosity: Plane Crash'. Utilising an unprecedented amount scientific equipment, including crash test dummies and sensors, this ground breaking experiment measures the types of forces that are unleashed in a typical plane crash in order to assess the passengers' best chances of survival. High speed cameras placed throughout the plane also enable experts and viewers alike to witness what happens inside the cabin at the moment of impact. This experiment marks the first time an entire plane has been crash tested since 1984 when NASA attempted a similar trial with mixed results. What can be learned from this remarkable experiment and what impact could it have on air travel safety?