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Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove

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Discovery Channel presents the brand new spin off to Deadliest Catch, DEADLIEST CATCH: DUNGEON’S COVE. This series follows the lives of the Dungeness crab fishermen and their families in Newport, Oregon as they sacrifice everything to carve an existence from the sea as they sail along the famously dangerous “Graveyard of the Pacific”. Thousands of vessels and lives have been lost while battling the seas in what’s considered the deadliest commercial fishery in the world. The Oregon coast bursts with sea life, but also a labyrinth of sandbars and currents. Fishermen are regularly lost to the turbulent waters, but the families of Newport knowingly bear that burden as they fight to keep the legacy of their town alive. Every year, the boats line up and take off – signalling the start of Dungeness crab season. Millions of dollars are up for grab in one of the last derby-style fisheries in the world, where it pays to be the fastest boat to the crabs, and the first boat back to the dock to sell them. But this Wild West fishing style comes at a steep price. The sea here gives life, and takes it, in equal measure.