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Decoding Disaster

From a human mistake to a natural disaster, brand new series, Decoding Disaster, goes behind the headlines of recent history’s most unexpected tragedies.  Each episode focuses on one particular category of accident or disaster and features two real stories that illustrate the dynamics of danger in that field. 

Reviewing evidence and eyewitness accounts from survivors and rescuers, safety advocates and experts attempt to work out exactly where things started to go wrong, and state-of-the-art computer graphics show how the dynamics of the disaster came about. 
The first episode features the infamous Paddington rail crash - one of the worst rail accidents in British history that was both predictable and preventable.  First-hand accounts from passengers on the trains, the safety experts first to the scene and the relatives of those who lost their lives, provide a compelling and moving account of what happened that fateful day in October 1999.