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Devil's Canyon

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The hostile forests of British Columbia hide a little-known secret: the largest creek-side gold deposit it is thought the world has ever seen. But to reach it one is forced to navigate the wilderness of DEVIL’S CANYON – an area that more than lives up to its name. Extreme prospectors Boyce Goff and Ben van der Valk - true throwbacks to the days of audacious adventure – are willing to go further than the major mining companies dare in order to claim this elusive prize. Alone for weeks at a time, and with winter closing in around them, the rivals are pushed to their limits; facing crippling hunger, plummeting temperatures, and the constant threat of attack from native bears. Carrying nothing but their all-important tools, minimal food, and the clothes on their backs; they must push through their limits in the hopes of striking gold. Time is not on their side – nothing is – and they’ll face a battle simply to make it out alive.  How far will man go to find his fortune?