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Driving Wild

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Brand new to Discovery Channel in May, DRIVING WILD follows former   Formula One mechanic, Marc “Elvis” Priestley, as he gets up close to some of the world’s most fascinating amateur motorsports. Elvis was one of McLaren Racing’s top mechanics, helping the team become Formula 1 World Champions. Now, he’s after a new challenge: Elvis is going back to basics, taking his F1 know-how to some of the most extraordinary amateur motorsports on the planet – tractor pulling in the UK, car spinning in South Africa, hopping low-riders in Mexico, folk racing in Sweden, drag racing in Cuba and long-tail boat racing in Thailand. Traveling thousands of miles   Elvis will take his specialist knowledge to each grassroots racing scene, andwork with local auto experts to build superior vehicles for competition. With little time, limited funds, strict guidelines and foreign motorsports, the like of which he has never seen before, Elvis will not only attempt to transform these motors into winners, but also satisfy the crowds and honour the traditions along the way.