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Extreme Car Hoarders 2

Premieres Monday 6th July, 10pm

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Custom car guru, Rick Dore, and ex-WWE superstar, Chuck Palumbo, are back with a brand new series of EXTREME CAR HOARDERS. The duo will help car collectors by offering them a deal: they'll rebuild one dream car from their overcrowded car collection, but the hoarder must give up the right to sell off other cars and parts from the massive hoard. Rich and Chuck's search for the perfect stash leads them to car fanatics such as Marc, a single dad who has been collecting cars since he was 13. Marc's responsibilities to his farm and family have left him with no time to pursue his passion of restoring cars, in particular a 1936 Ford Coupe just like the one Marc's grandfather, his personal hero, used to own. Next up is a 1957 Thunderbird that the pair restores for a Vietnam vet looking to reconcile his relationship with the car's original owner, his father.