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Freddie Flintoff Goes Wild

Premieres Thursdays from 24th May, 9.00pm

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Freddie heads first across the plains of the Serengeti for the annual wildebeest migration, but the journe is fraught with danger as predators are never far away. To ensure he’s well equipped Freddie is taught by Masai elder Thomas, who shows him how to hunt, fight and find water in the blistering heat of the African bush. But Freddie’s experience is underlined by disconcerting news as the tribe he’s staying with enter into a fierce battle with a neighbouring clan.


In the Northern Territory, Freddie dodges venomous spiders, vicious dingoes, and poisonous snakes in the hunt for deadly crocodiles. From lunching on the guts of freshly killed wallaby to using the local fauna to construct an outdoor oven, Freddie is given an insight into the bushcraft skills handed down over several hundred years from his Aborigine guide. Freddie’s determined to experience a face-to-face encounter with a crocodile – and his journey doesn’t disappoint.


Next, to Borneo, where he enters the Asian jungle to search for one of the rarest mammals on earth

– the pygmy elephant. Guided by Eric, Borneo’s answer to Crocodile Dundee, Freddie must learn the way of the jungle from identifying deadly snakes to avoiding the sap of poisonous plants. His wildlife adventure encompasses clinging leaches and a cave of bats, before a close encounter forces him to beat a hasty retreat.