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Gold Divers 6

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In the Alaskan frontier town of Nome, there’s a new kind of gold rush. The desperate search for the precious metal takes miners off the land and into the water, as local GOLD DIVERS scour the seabed in search of their fortune. For over two million years, melting glaciers have been depositing sediment rich with gold into the temperamental (and far from temperate) waters of the Bering Sea. But as summer begins to thaw the thick ice, the town’s residents waste no time in taking the plunge. Risking jail-time, injury and death, these enterprising gold seekers exhibit true pioneer spirit as they dive and dredge in the pitch black, frozen depths. From old friends in ramshackle rust buckets to father-son duos in handsome barges equipped with every conceivable tool, the choppy waters welcome a diverse group of madcap characters each hell-bent on possessing that which glitters within.