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Gold Divers: Under The Ice

Premieres Tuesdays from 15th January, 9.00pm

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Some of the planet's most extreme conditions won't deter a handful of gold-hungry men and women whose very livelihoods depend on mining the wet and frozen gold hidden under four feet of solid ice. Following a summer diving for gold in the Bering Sea, those divers brave enough are back to face their toughest challenge yet. With the sea frozen over, split second thinking, extreme focus, and team work are key to staying alive under the ice. Follow three gold mining teams run by driven dredge captains who take their crews through the ice into the black waters of the Bering Sea beneath. Only an omnipresent fear of death separates these miners from their fortunes. In the first episode Shaun Pomrenke, head of the Shamrock dredge, gears up for a tough winter. Can he prove himself without his father to guide him?