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Gold Rush 2

Premieres Tuesdays from 8th May, 9.00pm

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The Gold Rush miners are back with a vengeance. Last mining season, father-and-son team Jack and Todd Hoffman sold everything they owned to fund their dream of mining for gold in Alaska, a dream which didn't quite pan out as they'd expected... So this mining season, the pair sold everything that was nailed down to give it another go! With enough funding to get them going, they head north to Porcupine Creek, Alaska to settle unfinished business and to find the gold at the bottom of the glory hole. But unforeseen circumstances leave them having to come up with a new plan in order to salvage their season. Their water licence for their Klondike claim, essential to run a mining operation, did not come through. The dream of a second mine in the Klondike is over before it started. Then, just as things turn a corner and they celebrate their best clean out ever, Dakota Fred returns and drops a bombshell on Todd, Jack and crew. He thinks he can do a better job than them at mining the claim. Will the Hoffman crew succeed? Will Dakota Fred and his team pull out more gold than them? And will the Klondike claim get up and running at all? Find out in this brand new series of Gold Rush.