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Harley And The Davidsons

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Based on a true story, HARLEY AND THE DAVIDSONS chronicles the childhood friends behind the rise of America's most iconic motorcycle company. The three part mini-series charts the birth of Harley-Davidson during a time of great social and technological change and tells the epic story of how two 19-year-olds, with help from their families, started a company in their backyard that would go on to become an American legend. Beginning at the turn of the 20th century, on a humble street in Milwaukee at the shores of Lake Michigan, William (Bill) Harley and Arthur Davidson designed a motorised bicycle that they believed would give people a new way to see the world around them.  The friends who refused to settle for the status quo, faced adversity, challenges, tragedy and competition but at the sign of every setback they found a way to push forward. HARLEY AND THE DAVIDSONS goes inside the minds, hearts and motors of these young men to show how ordinary men took their dream and built a company that became a global empire.