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Hindenburg: Titanic of the Skies

Premieres Sunday 27th December, 9.00pm

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This powerful one-off documentary tells the story of the giant airship Hindenburg, from its illustrious launch to its final voyage and spectacular demise, as witnessed and experienced by protagonists caught up in the catastrophe. This gripping film relays the story of the Hindenburg through the enquiry that was set up immediately after the crash. Events unfold from two perspectives: that of Hugo Eckener, the Hindenburg's designer and creator, and that of the passengers of the doomed flight. Eckener was the driving genius of the airship industry, but was forced to work under a Nazi regime he despised and in circumstances that were far from ideal. Was the Hindenburg's design compromised as a result? Parallel to Eckners story, Hindenburg dramatises the last few hours on board the airship. Could the exotic mix of nationalities and personalities on the Hindenburg's last flight provide any clues to what happened? Based on information from interviews with eyewitnesses, leading historians, government transcripts and official documents, this film tells the enthralling story of one of the 20th Century's most infamous aviation disasters.