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I Was Bitten

UK Premiere Series Fridays from 27th March, 10.00PM

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From the arid deserts of South West America, to the lethal waters of Australia, this jaw dropping new three part series features victims of the most intense and gruesome bites from around the world. Seeing is believing as each one hour show uses actual photos and video footage to take viewers even closer to the action, whilst the fascinating science behind the bite reveals the devastating effects the lethal toxins have on the human body. In the first episode witness the irrevocable effects of the first known stiletto snakebite case in the United States, where the victim's thumb is literally digested from the inside, first swelling beyond its means, turning black and then into an oozing mass of yellow pus. I Was Bitten is not for the faint hearted and will have you biting your own knuckles from the very beginning!