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JFK: The Ruby Connection

Premieres Sunday 12th June, 10.00pm

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In 1963, two days after the assassination of President Kennedy, alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, was gunned down live on television. Flocking to Dallas to witness what should have been a routine prison transfer of the infamous suspect, the press had assembled and the cameras were rolling, as local strip club owner, Jack Ruby, walked into the Dallas police parking garage and shot Oswald. This second assassination, one of the most documented murders in history, effectively ended plans for Oswald's trial and began more than forty years of speculation about who really killed Kennedy and why.

JFK: The Ruby Connection plots the timeline of events that led to the killing, recreating the setting, and bringing eyewitnesses back for the first time to remember and restage the event. Using cutting-edge technology, an expert will analyse the films and stills, with each new angle bringing additional insight into the event. Plus one cameraman in particular may hold the most crucial information of all, when he captured seven frames of Ruby's face at the time of the killing. Which conspiracy theory will Ruby's facial expression and body language support?