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Junkyard Empire

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New to Discovery, JUNKYARD EMPIRE features Andy Cohen, a jack of all trades with a keen eye for recognising the potential value of automotive rubble. Cohen and his father, Bobby, use their talents to manage the junkyard, as well as a custom car shop. Any monkey wrench that gets thrown into their structured plans cuts into profitability. At the end of the day the Cohens know how to exploit every greasy part or burned up engine to keep the family empire thriving. The hunt is on for big, washed up metal--‐cars, motorcycles, boats, homes, campers and heavy equipment – from police impounds private auctions, dealers, random driveways or old lots. What might look like a rusted out beater to most people is pure gold in the seasoned eyes of Andy and Bobby as they hunt valuable parts, scrap metal or a potential high-end fabrication for their clientele. Once back at the junkyard its pure hustle-and-bustle chaos as cars are sliced, stacked, torched, stripped and scrapped. At the custom car shop the once ruined cars are brought back to life one panel and plug at a time, transforming the trash into treasure for high dollar customers.