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Murder Shift

UK Premiere Saturdays from 7th February, 9.00PM

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Murder Shift follows a team of Homicide Detectives as they bring justice to the streets of Indianapolis. Like every other big city, Indianapolis has its share of murders, but unlike many other cities, Indianapolis has an all-star squad of homicide detectives solving them, and bringing justice to the victims. Follow the members of the team: Detectives Christine Minka, Lesia Moore, Tom Tudor, Jesse Beavers, Chuck Benner and Todd Lappin; as well as their supervisors Deputy Chief William Benjamin, Lieutenant Kevin Kelly, and Sergeant Jeff Breedlove. Find out what it takes for them to solve a case, and how they maintain their high solve and conviction rates. Cases include: a shooting murder that's made harder by the lack of witnesses; a double shooting with conflicting testimonies that have to be unravelled; and a young woman's body fished from the White River, was or suicide or murder?