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NASA's Unexplained Files 3

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NASA’S UNEXPLAINED FILES is revisiting the space agency’s archives to reveal more countless mysteries and unusual encounters, discoveries and sightings that NASA has experienced over the years. For decades NASA has been tasked with exploring the unknown. The agency has reached beyond the bounds of Earth in search of knowledge to benefit mankind – launching scientists into space and space crafts to the limits of the solar system. What those missions have uncovered are sometimes disturbing anomalies that have perplexed the world’s finest scientific minds. Each episode of NASA’S UNEXPLAINED FILES scrutinises evidence, explores possible explanations, and considers testimony from NASA insiders, scientists, astronauts and others who have witnessed these strange phenomena. This series a startling discovery suggests that the clouds of Venus may have been the origin of life on Earth, a NASA mission takes a disastrous turn and an image taken by a NASA probe points to evidence that life could exist on Mars.