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Secrets Of The Underground

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For millions, the underground’s biggest mystery is simply how to find a seat on the Northern Line. But as SECRETS OF THE UNDERGROUND shows, there is plenty more going on beneath the surface than meets the eye. Sprawling subterranean worlds live right below our feet; bizarre phenomena and histories long thought lost lie waiting to be uncovered. Emmy Award-winning explorer and ecologist Rob Nelson goes digging to unearth these fascinating archeological and architectural enigmas. Sparing no expense, and using ground penetrating radar and the latest in cutting-edge 3D imaging, Nelson travels America seeking out the dark beauty of its underworld. The thrilling season opener sees the adventurer exploring the legendary network of intricate tunnels at Alcatraz, following in the footsteps of the countless convicts who burrowed within their cramped confines, desperately seeking a route out of the seemingly inescapable prison. The series will zigzag across the country, as our host ventures out in search of the likes of Al Capone’s Prohibition pathways; the so-called ‘American Stonehenge’; and Pennsylvania’s fabled mass grave. Join the adventure – no headlamp required.