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Surviving Death 2

Premieres Fridays 22nd and 29th July, 9.00pm

Surviving Death recounts the extraordinary experiences of people who have died and returned to life, examining the rare physiology behind exactly how the body can physically die, and then bring itself back to life.

Near-death experience expert Dr. Sam Parnia explores three extraordinary cases of patients who died and returned to life: Ward, a snowmobile accident victim who was trapped under an icy lake and clinically dead for over two hours; Sade, a pregnant cold water drowning victim who was clinically dead for 15 minutes - and not only survived, but delivered a healthy baby; and Kathy, a cardiac arrest victim whose heart stopped for 18 minutes and made a full recovery.  Examining how temperature affects the death process, these cases shed light on how the cold can be our best protection against death - slowing down the dying process and increasing a person's chance of resuscitation and recovery.  Parnia reveals how this fascinating discovery has led to new medical breakthroughs in treating patients who would otherwise be irreversibly dead.