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Treasure Quest: Victory Special

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11-part series TREASURE QUEST joins Odyssey Marine Exploration, a world leader in private deepwater exploration and recovery, on their most ambitious season of ship wreck hunting yet. Their challenge is to penetrate the mysteries of dozens of never-before-seen shipwrecks and bring to light their stories of untold riches, courageous men and women, tragic endings, and remarkable rescues.

The series features Odyssey's dramatic recent discovery of HMS Victory, the direct predecessor to Nelson's flagship, lost in the English Channel in 1744 taking the 1000 crew on board. Believed to be one of Britain's greatest historic shipwrecks, what happened to her has been a maritime mystery that has baffled experts for centuries - until now.

In a two-part special, TREASURE QUEST: VICTORY SPECIAL premiering on Discovery Channel Sunday 8th and 15th February at 9pm, viewers will witness first-hand how each artefact and piece of evidence leads Odyssey to this resounding conclusion.

The rest of the series will premiere Fridays from 20th February at 9pm, and feature more amazing discoveries as well as providing an intimate look at the adventure, drama and high stakes involved in deep ocean exploration. With over three million shipwrecks estimated on the ocean's floor, Odyssey's expert team have enough to keep them busy!

TREASURE QUEST: Fridays from 20th Feb, 9.00pm