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Treehouse Masters 6

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Treehouses have officially entered the twenty-first century. The latest episodes of TREEHOUSE MASTERS see self-proclaimed tree whisperer Pete Nelson put his thirty years of experience to the test with his most ambitious builds yet. His off-the-wall team of designers and carpenters hit new heights this season, pushing their skills to the limit and redefining people’s definitions of what constitutes a treehouse. Forget a couple of planks of wood and a swinging rope ladder; this team are creating bonafide works of art that offer all the mod-cons of city living whilst re-connecting their clients with nature. Highlights include a gravity-defying triple-decker in Baton Rouge, and an eye-popping Nebraska party house where the owners can quite literally raise the roof to the treetops. But this dream job is no walk in the park, and Pete’s team will have to battle freak storms, dangerous equipment, and vertigo-inducing heights to bring these brilliant creations to life.