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The Unexplained Files 2

Premieres daily from 12th-17th October, 8.00pm

This series will include some of the first and only investigations of the most profound unanswered mysteries in history. In the first series, nine Russian students mysteriously die; the shocking deaths are quickly linked to the existence of a terrifying creature lurking in Siberia. For the first time on television THE UNEXPLAINED FILES will reveal, with recently discovered photographic evidence which appears to reveal a strange Yeti-like creature stalking the students.

The series also features the first and only ever interview with Brother Greg Hollewinski, the last surviving participant in the exorcism, which inspired the hit blockbuster movie The Exorcist. He recalls his role, including the climactic moment when the chief exorcist casts out the demon and real life levitation.

And, in the final episode exclusive evidence could prove the existence of extra-terrestrial life, with the first scientific analysis of the tiny skull found in Cusco, Peru that resists medical explanation and provokes questions on whether it's the missing link in human evolution, or if it is proof of extra-terrestrial contact.