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Whale Wars

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On the frozen wastes of the Antarctic Ocean, a courageous crew of activists and eco-pirates scour the horizon for their prey: the vast killing ships of the Japanese whaling fleet. Led by maverick Captain, Paul Watson, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is a radical environmental organisation that is attempting to eradicate what they view as the sickening blight of whaling from the seas completely. And they'll use any non-violent means necessary to achieve their goals. The seven-part series Whale Wars captures the intensity of Sea Shepherd's mission, following the trials and tribulations of the crew on their three month 2007/2008 campaign and drawing attention to this global conservation issue that has caused friction between several nations. Discovery crews were onboard to document the drama as it unfolded, from capsizing to the capture of two crew members - Benjamin Potts and Giles Lane - and the alleged gunshot the Sea Shepherd reported was inflicted upon Paul Watson by the Japanese crew. Highlighting both the controversial whaling trade and the tactics that Sea Shepherd and its staff and volunteers use to attempt to cripple it, Whale Wars is an adrenaline-fuelled, powerful adventure.