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Car legends Mike Brewer and Edd China are taking the biggest risk of their car careers. They're opening shop in the heart of the most exciting and competitive car business on the planet: the West Coast of America. They'll be searching, buying, restoring, testing and selling eight mammoth motors entirely in America, but not always exclusively American cars. Mike will also travel to the UK, Russia, Italy, Poland and Spain to track down cars in need of serious TLC, before heading back to Edd's workshop. Once the car is completed, it's time to hit the road for an inspiring test drive across stunning roads, specialist test tracks and classic car events. Wherever it is, the test drives give the audience time to enjoy the pure driving elements of the show, see a glimpse of the classics as they should be, and listen to Mike and Edd reflect on what they've achieved, before the car is finally sold to an excited new owner.