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My Cypriot Kitchen

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Tonia Buxton returns to her homeland of Cyprus on a culinary tour of her favourite places. Visiting family and friends, Cypriot markets, foraging for herbs in the hills, milking goats, picking fresh fruit and vegetables, she cooks some of her favourite traditional recipes and shares the culture of this wonderful island. Cyprus is at the crossroads of cuisine with influences from both Mediterranean Europe and the Middle East and it is this combination that provides some of the most flavoursome dishes in the world. Across the series, Tonia introduces viewers to her family including Uncle Eddy whose pride and joy is his huge array of home-grown vegetables and his trusty clay oven and Father Michael the priest who makes his own special rose water. Tonia also visits many food producers on the island - from a tea grower to a chutney-maker, a boutique bakery to a traditional winery.