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Curvy Brides Boutique

Premieres Fridays from 26th May, 8pm

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Straight-talking, partners in fashion, Jo Cooke and Alison Law, are transforming wedding
dress shopping for plus-size brides to be.
Tucked away in rural Essex, the appointment-only Curvy Brides Boutique is a paradise for its
clients. With rails full of wedding dresses from size 16 to 40 ready to try on, Jo and Alison are
standing by to make sure brides feel amazing on the inside as well as look incredible on the
Inspired by difficult experiences of their own, the duo set out to become not just wedding
dress experts, but fairy godmothers for brides-in-need. They know how stressful it can be for
larger women - struggling with a lack of confidence or previously facing humiliating treatment
in high street stores. Not to mention the critical scrutiny from friends and family and even
their partner, as they make the long walk down the aisle.
The Curvy Brides Boutique offers a wrap-around hug of a service, that sees Jo and Alison give
advice and support every step of the way - from finding the dress they call “the one”, right up
to walking down the aisle on cloud nine.