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--The 24/7 3D Network from Sony, Discovery, and IMAX Delivers 30 New, Original 3D Episodes to the Video Unlimited Service in November and December --

November 18, 2011

Contact - Rod Riegel
VP, Marketing & Communications

NEW YORK CITY and FOSTER CITY, Calif., November 17, 2011 – Sony Network Entertainment today strengthened its Video Unlimited service’s library with new, original 3D content from 3net, the 3D television channel by Sony, Discovery and IMAX.

Starting today and continuing through the end of December, 30 new episodes of original 3D content will roll out and be available to rent on the Video Unlimited service for $4.99 to $5.99 per episode.

The Video Unlimited service offers access to a global catalog of over 80,000 premium movies and TV episodes from major studios and distributors. Including new releases as well as a wide variety of blockbusters, classic movies, local language movies, and hit TV shows, with many in high-definition, the Video Unlimited service gives users convenient and easy access to their favorite titles to purchase or rent.   

The new 3D content includes episodes from original 3net series including:

  • Bullproof – Featuring some of the world's most extreme man-versus-beast encounters, this one-hour, 3D "sportumentary" series documents the danger and drama of a group of professional bullfighters as they risk their lives to save the cowboys of the Championship Bull Riding circuit. (Four episodes launching November.)
  • Live Fire – Live Fire puts the audience through the toughest training of the American military. 3D cameras reveal Marine Corps weapons training and US Army’s squad tactics, as hardcore training turns raw recruits into battle-ready warriors.  (Three episodes launching in November.)
  • High Octane – The world's most elite athletes are no longer found exclusively on the track and field, but in the mountains, waves and ramps of action sports. Travel the world in search of some of the most beautiful locations and most accomplished athletes, from ice climbers and snowboarders in Switzerland to skaters and surfers in California. Pushing the limits of what is possible, High Octane athletes are taking huge risks for that monster jump, perfect flip or lightning run. (Ten episodes launching in November.)
  • Oceana Air Show – Highlighting the Oceana Air Show in 3D, experience high performance aerial maneuvers and pyrotechnics from the world’s elite professionals as well as thrilling tactical demonstrations by the Navy’s best aviators. (One episode launching in November.)
  • African Wild – Take a journey into the world of Africa’s largest and most dangerous animals. Travel across grassy savannas to untouched beaches; soar through the skies and dive deep into the ocean to experience the lives of these animals in a way you never have before. (Eight episodes launching in November.)
  • Scary Tales – Unlike anything you've seen in 2D or 3D, Scary Tales is scripted series so weird and fantastic, it needs an extra dimension just to contain itself.  There are marauding giants, ghost-plagued forests and human wolves... a place where cannibals feast, kidnappers terrorize and fiends lurk behind every tree. Inanimate objects come to life, and the innocent are punished. It's a world that really exists if only in our own subconscious. (Four episodes launching in December.)

Sony Entertainment Network’s Video Unlimited service is available through Sony‘s 2010 and 2011 network-enabled devices including BRAVIA® TVs, Blu-ray Disc™ players, Blu-ray Disc Home Theatre systems, VAIO® PCs (and other Windows-based PCs), Sony Ericsson Android-based mobile phones, Sony Tablet S, and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment systems (PS3™). The service will be on display in New York City at this evening’s Pepcom “Wine, Dine, and Demo” event.

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