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America's National Parks

Wednesdays at 6pm ET / 3pm PT

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America's National Parks are places of awe-inspiring beauty and majestic vistas. With stunning landscapes formed over millions of years, they are places of natural miracles and a tribute to mankind's foresight. A 3D journey through five of America's most iconic National Parks reveals nature at its most powerful, and beautiful. From the lush tropical forests of Hawaii that are intersected by glowing lava to Yosemite's monumental trees and an eruption of Old Faithful at Yellowstone; America's National Parks possess a raw and powerful beauty that truly comes to life through immersive 3D.



Episode 1: Yellowstone National Park 

Covering nearly three-thousand square miles, the Yellowstone National Park spans three states and is a geothermal wonderland. Defined by fire and water this untouched wilderness and its rich history is revealed like never before - in magnificent 3D detail.

Episode 2: Yosemite National Park 

In the Sierra Nevada Mountains is a remarkable valley: Yosemite National Park. It was carved by glaciers, nurtured by Native Americans and protected by Presidential decree. This is the story of Yosemite and one man’s mission to protect its giant trees.

Episode 3: The Arches National Park 

In a dusty corner in Southern Utah lies one of the most fragile and spectacular of all America’s National Parks. The Arches National Park, a brilliant monument to the power of water and wind, reveals its red heart carved out by the mighty Colorado River.

Episode 4: Death Valley National Park 

Death Valley National Park is the Wild West at its most extreme. It’s also a land of countless riches, beneath and above the surface.  Filmed in 3D, Death Valley is explored in vivid detail - from its snow capped mountains to its dusty heart.

Episode 5:  Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park 

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park is a land of extremes where lush tropical forests inhabited by unique animal and plant species intersect with glowing lava. This volcanic wonderland is explored  to reveal a geological showcase found nowhere else on Earth.