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Building the Brand

Fridays at 9pm ET / 6pm PT

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In this 10 part series Building the Brand explores amazing factories, following the creation of some of the world's most iconic products. From handcrafted Gibson guitars, luxurious Rolls Royce cars, awesome Pierce fire trucks and the US Army's Apache helicopters...we follow the build process from blueprint the end of the assembly line. The production secrets and techniques of each factory are revealed in stunning 3D, whether it's large-scale feats of engineering or the creation of finely detailed, custom made parts. And at each plant we get the lowdown from the teams how build these world famous brands.



Episode 1: Winnebago  

Winnebago has set the standard of the American recreational vehicle since the 1960’s.  They make more motor-homes than anyone else on the planet. The Winnebago brand has become the pinnacle of RV perfection, the ultimate house on wheels.

Episode 2: Gibson 

Explore the Gibson electric guitar factory in Nashville, Tennessee and follow the transformation of raw lumps of timber into finely crafted precision instruments, from the classic Les Paul to the latest hi tech Gibson, the Firebird X.

Episode 3: Pierce Fire Trucks 


In a profession where every second means the difference between life and death, one company more than any other has determined the look and feel of a modern fire trucks: Pierce. Each truck is as unique and extraordinary, as the factory that built them.

Episode 4: Corvette 

Take a trip down the assembly line at the General Motors factory in Kentucky where they’re turning out the latest models of the Chevrolet Corvette.  From the first weld of the chassis to the final test lap, we reveal the creation of America’s Sports Car.

Episode 5:  Apache Attack Helicopters 

We follow the production one of the most lethal and effective of all military helicopters, the AH64D, Apache Longbow.  Nicknamed, the Angel of Death, it’s a flying tank capable of silently hugging the ground and creeping up on the enemy.

Episode 6:  Rolls Royce 

There is one car on the road that truly epitomizes luxury and supreme engineering--the Rolls Royce.  We follow the latest models as they’re meticulously hand crafted, employing the very finest paint, wood, and leather work.

Episode 7: Jack Daniels 

In this episode of Building the Brand we follow the production of one America’s oldest and most revered products. From a small town in Tennessee this unique brand sells in stores and bars across the world. This is the extraordinary story of Jack Daniels.

Episode 8: John Deere 

In this episode of Building the Brand we follow the production one of the most important pieces of agricultural equipment ever built, the John Deere Combine Harvester.   This is not just a machine for cutting corn; it's a mobile factory on wheels.

Episode 9: Trek Bicycles 

In this episode of Building the Brand we unveil the production secrets of Trek bicycles. Over the last two decades, cutting edge technology has revolutionized the world of road bike manufacture, pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Episode 10: Oyster Marine 

Oyster Marine is an international market leader in world-class, luxury cruising yachts which combine traditional shipwright’s craftsmanship with the latest nautical technology. Follow the creation in an extraordinary factory on England's south coast.