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China Revealed

Saturdays at 8pm ET / 5pm PT

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China Revealed is a 3D expedition into a still undiscovered land. Lost in the vastness of China are sublime landscapes and cultural sites that the Western world has never seen. Now, for the first time ever these secret places are captured in a journey of discovery that you'll never forget. From a mythical mountain valley that hides 1000 giant stone pillars to ancient Buddhist relics that are rediscovered in the swirling sands at the start of the legendary Silk Road - China Revealed ventures into the land of the dragon and brings legends to life in 3D.



Episode 1: Great Wall 

The largest man made structure in the world is a masterpiece of human engineering. This historical journey reveals that the Great Wall of China is built on myth and legend, as well as the bones of the million workers that died in its construction.

Episode 2: Jiuzhaigou - Through the Valley of Colours 

China's stunning Jiuzhaigou Valley is an undiscovered gem.  From its colored lakes to its many waterfalls, it is defined and shaped by water.  To the Tibetan people who live here is it the perfect place to cast their prayers and wishes to the winds.

Episode 3: Mt Huangshan 

China's Mount Huangshan is where heaven touches earth.  For more than 2000 years artists and emperors have climbed to its peak in search of spiritual revelation.  Nothing in China matches the mystique of this legendary mountain.

Episode 4: Zhangjiajie 

In a remote corner of China lies an extraordinary place:  Zhangjiajie, a geological wonderland that was the inspiration for the movie Avatar's Pandora.  Its deep twisting valleys are surrounded by mighty pillars of rock that seem to defy gravity.

Episode 5: Shanghai and Wuzhen 

Two ancient cities share a common past. Wuzhen, built on an ancient water trade route, has remained unchanged for centuries. While Shanghai, once a small trading port, has become a giant symbol of China's economic power almost overnight.

Episode 6: Shangri-La 

China's Shangri-La is a beacon of spirituality where people live in harmony with their beautiful surroundings.   A 3D journey through this earthly paradise explores a treasure trove of cultural and natural beauty revealed in a dazzling array of colours.

Episode 7: Xishuangbanna 

China’s Xishuangbanna is a tropical paradise.  Elephant and peacocks inhabit the jungles, living alongside a mosaic of colorful tribes. This show reveals a window to the past where ethnic minorities have lived in tight-knit communities for generations.

Episode 8: Li River 

In the heart of China is a river said to be the most beautiful in the world.  The Li River has inspired writers and artists for over 2000 years.  It’s a land of wonders: 6 million acres of limestone carved by wind and rain and a labyrinth of 3000 caves.

Episode 9: Dunhuang 

An oasis in a sea of sand, Dunhuang was one of the most strategic fortifications along the Great Wall of China.  A vital trading post on the legendary Silk Road, Dunhuang became an intercontinental think tank of human ingenuity.

Episode 10: Harbin 

Every year, the city of Harbin throws the biggest winter party in China. Working in sub-zero temperatures, an army of 18,000 artisans have just four weeks to transform an empty lot into an extravagant Ice Park bigger than Disneyland.