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This fast-paced, hour-long, thrill-ride takes viewers on a once-in-a-lifetime journey across the country -- from the mighty Hudson River, over the New Mexico desert, along the golden coast of Southern California, to the rainforests of Hawaii -- featuring some of the wildest experiences life has to offer. Fly high in the sky in acrobatic small planes and hot air balloons, sail on vintage clipper ships, surf Hawaiian waves, whirl around the track in race cars, scale sheer rock faces and explore surreal caves below an active volcano. These beautiful adventures are presented with all of the incredible dimension and reality of stunning native 3D.



 Episode 1: Balloons:

The skies of New Mexico fill with hundreds of hot air balloons for a week of dreamy aeronautics.  After flying in and among the technicolor aircraft, take your own flight of fancy, then observe a  chainsaw carving competition and amazing fireworks.

Episode 2: NY Ships: 

Against the backdrop of NYC, there is a bustling seaport scene straight out of another century.  Views of the South Street Seaport, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty are an inspired juxtaposition to the dazzling nautical tableau.

Episode 3:  Malibu: 

Malibu defines the California state of mind. Cruise the thin ribbon of Pacific Coast Highway as surfers paddle through foamy curling waves, bikers rumble along on chrome-plated Harleys, tai chi enthusiasts practice their martial arts.

Episode 4: Small Planes: 

Fly along with a wide variety of small planes and spend heart-pounding moments jumping into the wild blue yonder with a 100 person team of synchronized skydivers. You will experience both the adrenalin and serenity that define man's love of flight.

Episode 5: Ajax: 

Massive chunks of rock are blasted in a quarry. Then giant transport vehicles scoop up the raw material and road crews pour it onto highways. Ride shotgun on some of the most powerful that lay down the roads upon which millions of cars ride every day.

Episode 6: Washington DC: 

You will get an insder's view of Washington DC, touring the seats of our government's power including the White House, the Capitol and the Supreme Court.  Peer in and around monuments and memorials and many more sights that define this capital city.

Episode 7: Road to Hana: 

Cruise along one of the most beautiful stretches of highway in the world.  Stop at the towering waterfalls and black sand beaches that are sacred in Hawaiian culture.  Ride along surfboards and whale watching boats for a unique view of the island of Maui.

Episode 8:  Rock Climbing: 

The California outdoors is a Mecca for climbers. From the mystical desert landscape of Joshua Tree National Park to the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountain town of Bishop, CA, we hang out in places that few people let alone cameras dare to go.

Episode 9:  Thrill Rides:

There may be no greater thrill than sitting in the front row of a rollercoaster.  At Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL we ride along on several heart-pounding rides. We'll be speeding along at speeds nearing 100 mph and 5 G's, twisting and turning into space.

Episode 10: Race Cars: 

Test drive some of the world's most rare and valuable race cars.  Passionate drivers and pit crews push these machines through hairpin turns and burn rubber on the straightaway. Viewers will almost feel the impact as these supercharged machines fly by.